Monday, March 30, 2009

Lasagna in the Garden

  • 1 layer Old Phone Book Pages, Newspapers or Cardboard Boxes
  • 1 layer Recycled Egg Cartons & Christmas Tree Branches
  • 1 layer Horse Manure
  • 1 layer Dried Leaves
  • 1 layer Compost
  • 1 layer Hay
  • 1 layer Top Soil/Sand Mix
  • Sprinkle some Coffee Grounds and Egg Shells in between the layers
Add plants and grow!

We doubled our vegetable garden space last year, but no amount of rototilling will get rid of the grass and weeds. So we are trying a Lasagna Bed on top to smother the weeds. Griffin had a blast tearing up old phone books to make "a blanket to keep our garden bed warm". Not to mention the benefit of finding a use for my ever increasing piles of phonebooks, empty egg cartons, newspapers and cardboard boxes.

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