Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Serendipity is Elemental

Elemental by Katie M. Berggren
About a month ago my sister informed me that she had found the perfect gift for me for Rowan's birthday. I knew that she had shown it to several of my friends, but she did a good job keeping her secret.

She came over this morning to finally give me her gift, while my friends were here helping to prepare the 105 Cat Blankets we collected to donate today. Even when I opened the card by a local artist, Katie M. Berggren, whom I have admired for her beautifully touching images of motherhood, I had no idea what the bag contained. I told her that I had just bought her cards for several of my friends, selecting images that best represented each of them and their children. And that I have been thinking of commissioning a piece by her to somehow represent my two living children and my angel baby as well.

I was overwhelmed to find this original piece by the same artist. She had found it at a lovely little store in downtown Camas, The Uncommon Gift. The same store where I had bought my cards. I love how the baby's eyes are closed, just like Rowan's were. In one of the only dreams I had of Rowan, she suddenly opened her eyes in the hospital, and we knew everything would be alright. But her eyes never opened. I also love how it looks like stars and cosmos behind the baby while the mother faces earthy tones, yet the baby is firmly wrapped to the mother's back, just as Rowan will always be a part of me. I never thought I could imagine getting to "wear" my angel baby as I do with my other babies.


  1. what a beautiful, amazing gift!!! i love it

  2. I love this painting . . . and the card Aurora gave you, too. It made me tear up when she first showed it to me. So sweet!