Monday, May 9, 2011

Pictures of Sampler Afghan!

I finally caught a sunny day to snap some pics of the first finished Rowan's Sampler Afghan for our Crochet Along.

I will be adding pictures of individual Squares to each pattern already posted. But here are a few of the upcoming patterns to tempt you to join the Crochet Along, if you have not already...


Puff Stitch

Basket Weave

Rowan Berry Stitch (especially created for this afghan)


  1. Hi Laurinda! I just saw your Afghan at Ravelry and I really love this idea. I lost my first child, a few weeks before she was due, 7 years ago. Her name was Lilly and still I miss her so much. So I would love to crochet along with you, but I have no idea what 9"x 9" is in cm, do you know that?
    My best wishes to you! Barbina

  2. Welcome Barbina! Thank you for sharing your story. I think it's almost harder to lose your 1st child. I had my then 3 year old son to take care of which kept me going at the hardest times. *hugs*

    I checked out your blog, and see you also have a 5 year old son.

    9 inches should be 22.86 cm.

  3. Hello! Yes, my son is also 5 1/2, he will be 6 in september. It helped me a lot, that I´ve got pregnant again very soon, although I was totally scared through the whole 9 month and couldn´t buy anything for him until he was born.
    Tomorrow I will go and buy my yarn and then I will start with Square 1! I hope I can catch up to you until next week!
    Thank you so much! Barbina