Monday, January 2, 2012

Making Holiday Cards...

Every year I wait for creative inspiration before I can begin making and sending holiday cards. Sometimes this means they become New Year's cards. This year I was off to a good start, inspired by the annual "Stowell Report Card" my Grandmother sent out every year. I jotted down the highlights of each month from the year of 2011, and added several small pictures to print on the inside of blank cards.

I wanted to include my kids in the process, but it was a bit of a challenge to find a craft enjoyed by both my 6 1/2 year old and not quite 2 year old. I found felt stickers at a local craft store of snowmen, trees, gingerbread boys and girls, penguins with santa hats, and snowflakes. With a little torn white cardstock glued on the bottom of the card, the kids created fun snowy scenes, and I just added a few loopy dashed lines to make the flying snowmen and trees look like they were doing flips.

My Grandmother passed away the day after Thanksgiving this year, so after nearly 60 years, there will be no more "Stowell Report Cards" (called the "Stowell Newsyear" before my Grandfather passed away, because they always read Newsweek). Each year she summarized the happening of her children, grandchildren, and an ever increasing number of "great-grands", to send to her many friends and acquaintances around the world.

As the co-founder (along with my Grandfather) of Amity Institute, and many years volunteering at the International Center at UCSD, she touched the lives of countless people. I hope that I am able to continue her tradition of sharing my family's experiences each year with those who have touched our lives. Most were mailed before the new year, but a few had to wait until after my trip to San Diego for my Grandmother's service last weekend.

Holiday Cards Kids Can Make:
Materials - 5"x7" Cream colored Blank Cards and Envelopes, White Cardstock, Glue Stick, Felt Stickers, and Fine Black Pen
  1. Print your message and/or photos on the inside of the Blank Cards.
  2. Cut White Cardstock into 2"x7" strips.
  3. Tear Strips in half to form Snow.
  4. Glue snow to bottom edge of front of Card with Glue Stick.
  5. Place a few Felt Stickers to make a picture.
  6. Add dashed lines with Fine Black Pen from ground or through the air to indicate stickers are flying or flipping through the air.

Depending on their ages, kids can complete most of these steps on their own. I helped with tearing the snow and adding the dashed lines.


  1. Hello Laurinda,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. First of all my condolences for the lost of your family members, it must be a difficult time. I know the crochet contest is a nice distraction but are you sure you still like to participate? I can understand if you won't.
    My best wishes to you and your family!

  2. Thank you Elizabeth. I actually already have something in the works which I think will be lovely. For obvious reasons I have been recently inspired to design comfort/prayer shawls...

  3. Hi Laurinda.. thanks so much for coming over to my blog...I am so sorry to hear about your Grandmothers passing... she sounds like an incredible woman! I have replied to your comment on the blog but I will paste it here too in case you miss it:

    Hi Laurinda... did you insert the button into an 'HTML' gadget part of the design? I did answer Elisabeth's question... have a look at the chart on this site:
    I think it explains the differences well. Thanks so much for the link to your sampler squares... I will reblog that too :)x

    So glad to have fund your lovely blog, hugs, Jill x

  4. Thanks Jill. I'll figure out the button as soon as I get my laptop up & running again.

    If you blog my Sampler, you can reveal that I am working on another Sampler to be published in a popular crochet magazine in time for Rowan's next birthday. :) More on that soon!