Wednesday, July 4, 2012

One Year as a Designer

I realized today, July 4th, is the one year anniversary of when I started my journey as crochet designer. It all started with the Mystery Machine... And has come full circle.

July 4 - Began crocheting the first wheel of the Mystery Machine
July 30 - Completed Mystery Machine to put in local County Fair
August 29 - Shipped Mystery Machine and Veggie Garden to CGOA Design Comp
September 22 - Won 1st Place Afghans and 3rd Place Small Wonders
September 25 - Mystery Machine won People's Choice Award
September 27 - Submitted first designs ever to Fresh Designs book series
October - Designs Accepted to Fresh Designs Toys and Bags Books; Got paid for use of hats I designed years ago for the Ugly Doll company, which can now be found in ToysRUs and accessories stores all based on my designs!
November - Submitted to Inside Crochet
November 24 - First Magazine submission accepted
January to March - Submitted to every magazine I could think of, and had a few more designs accepted and even an article. Began holding weekly crochet class to use my local crocheters as testers
March to April - Madly writing and stitching design samples; Got my business license as "ReCrochetions"
May - First Design Published in Inside Crochet Magazine and working on my entry for 2012 design competition
June - Shipped vest to CGOA for competition and began work on several more submissions
June 28 - Reversible Rowan Tree Vest awarded Grand Prize at CGOA Design Competition
July 3 - Sold my first 2 patterns on Ravelry!
Watch for more of my work in Interweave Crochet and Fresh Designs Crochet later this year.

What will come in the next year? Who knows what the future will bring? Teaching? Books? I have more ideas than time. But keep watching to see what I do next! :) You can find me as "ReCrochetions" on Twitter, Facebook, and Ravelry!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Cannot wait to include being included in your book in my list for the next year. :)

  2. And how much of that have you crocheted in a dark movie theater during the 30-some movies we've been to this year? :-)

    1. Either Movies or sitting in dark getting my little one to sleep. Glad you started the weekly movie club so I get one night a week I know I'll crochet uninterrupted! Thanks for that and taking my kids sometimes so I can work. :)

  3. Congratulations! You've made great progress and your work is stunning!

    1. Thank you Marie! I have been preparing a long time for this! :)