Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Welcome to Tutorial Tuesdays!

I have been wanting to begin offering crochet stitch tutorials on my blog, especially since I developed over 30 detailed step-by-step photo tutorials for my new book (see the sidebar). All of the stitches I have done tutorials for in my book are available elsewhere online, somewhere. But I figure why not post them all in one place for future reference, while giving everyone a preview of my book. Not to mention all of the tutorials I am still working on for my new Reversible Intarsia Technique, which I will make available as more of the patterns are published in upcoming magazines.

And just to keep me on some sort of schedule, why not post a new Tutorial every Tuesday (I love alliteration). Well two new Tutorials really, since every thing I do is Left-handed first, and has to be flipped for the Right-handers. Once I have several up, I will create a page where they can all be linked from... And here we go...

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