Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tutorials: Chain Stitches (Right-handed)

The first stitch to learn in crochet is the Chain Stitch. Most patterns will begin with a number of chains which will be worked back into. Beginners should start by practicing making chains until they are comfortable with how to hold the yarn and make the stitches, then you will be ready to move onto making other stitches. 

Chain Stitch Tutorial
1.  Yarn over, back to front.
2.   Pull through.
3.  Completed Chain.

The first row of a crochet project is often the most difficult when you are learning because it can be difficult to see where to insert your hook. When working into the beginning chain, I always insert under just the top loop of the 3 loops of each chain. Although some instructions may ask you to insert under two loops or even the “bump” on the back of the chain stitch, to get different effects.

Working Into Chain Tutorial
1.    Working into second chain from hook, insert under the topmost loop.

2.   Yarn over, pull up a loop.
3.    Back of a Chain Stitch. Some instructions will say to insert into the "back bump" of the chain. The "bump" is the middle of the 3 loops in each chain stitch.

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  1. I think it's great that you've started creating these tutorials and are doing them for both left and right handed crafters.