Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rag Rugs and Sock Monsters

Lots of hand-stitched felt details
Last week I volunteered in my son's class to help with a special project in honor of Thanksgiving. First I helped the children braid together strips of fabric, and later we helped them stitch the braids into little rug coasters. This was meant to teach the children about native crafts the Wampanoag Indians might have done, while improving hand-eye coordination.

I explained to the children how people would use this technique to make their own rugs out of old clothing before there were carpets in most houses. But I had better watch out. Now that the teacher knows I am "artistic", I suspect I will be asked to volunteer for future creative projects.

Little sis had to get in the pic!
I have crocheted a lot of rugs and baskets with fabric strips, but never had the patience for braiding and sewing. Although perhaps after this project I can get a hook in the hands of my 7yo son if I suggest we make a rug. After sewing a book and then the mini-rug in school he was inspired to "practice sewing" this marvelous Sock Monster, after many years of not wanting to try. Then he spent the holiday weekend felting this Fairy Camp. Check out the details! He hopes it will entice fairies to come camp in his bedroom. He is so creative, but has not been as interested in fiber arts up to now, so I am very excited!

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