Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Reversible Intarsia: Sharp Angles Tutorials

Here are the last of my tutorials for working with Half Double Crochets in Reversible Intarsia (LH tutorials here).  Learn all the tips and tricks to create truly reversible colorwork in both half double crochet and double crochet with my book, Reversible Color Crochet!

Sharp Angles: Decrease to Increase Tutorial

A. Hdc in each stitch to last 3 stitches of first color.
B. Flat Decrease (hdc-sc-tog) across next 2 stitches.
C. Carry new color across unused stitch for Reversible Color Change and flip yarn up as usual.

D. Increase under carried strand and last stitch of first color.
Sharp Angles: Increase to Decrease Tutorial
A. Working back in the other direction, carry new color under last hdc and Late Color Change increase worked in old color.

B. Pull carried yarn tight to hide under stitches.
C. Pick up new color to work Flat Decrease (hdc-sc-tog) in next two stitches.

Although the basic concepts are the same as for other stitches in the previous tutorials, I wanted to provide photos to show how you carry the strands of yarn over a couple of stitches when working your increases and decreases in every other stitch rather than every stitch, which results in a sharper angle.

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