Friday, July 5, 2013

Favorite Things Fridays: Boye Hooks!

Now that my second book is (mostly) done, I want to get back to blogging more regularly. I have decided to try something new which we'll call "Favorite Things Friday". As I have begun this journey as a Crochet Designer, I am getting to try more and more types of yarn related products. So every Friday I will try to review one of my favorite products that I find most helpful in my pursuit of yarn, specifically those intended for, or surprisingly helpful to, Crocheters.

I will likely have a theme for each month, with products that are related in some way. Although sometimes I will just have to share something really cool when I come across it, and throw the theme out the window.

For this month, I think I will have to begin with Hooks! The most basic tool for a Crocheter, a hook and some yarn is all you really need to get started. The common question among crocheters is, "Do you prefer Boye or Bates?" I crocheted for many years before I even knew the difference.

"There are two common crochet hook shapes, made by large hook manufacturers. One has a hook which is wider than the shaft, with a thinner “neck” and a more rounded tip and “chin”. The other has an “inline head” which is the same size as the rest of the hook with a sharper tip." (excerpt from my 1st book, ReCrochetions Presents: Rowan's Learn to Crochet Sampler)

I'm a "Boye girl" myself, as I prefer the larger space between the "chin" and the neck. There is more room for your yarn than in an inline-type head. So, I personally find it easier to hook the yarn with a Boye hook, and avoid the yarn slipping off the hook as I pull it through the loops of a stitch. Once I became aware of the difference I realized that over time nearly all of the hooks in my stash were Boye, with only a couple of others I generally avoided using.

I know that plenty of other people prefer the inline style, but it is not for me. Boye and Susan Bates seem to be the most common, easy to get brands of crochet hooks, especially in the big box stores (where many of us crocheters started out). But there are a variety of other brands on the market with slight variations to the hook shape which I hope to try in the future.

So, which do you prefer? What is your favorite hook shape and why?
AND, do you have any Favorite Things you always use for crochet that I should check out?


  1. Well heck, you know what kind of hooks I'D say! ;) Mine! (craftwich Creations). Speaking of, I have a special piece of wood here for you, you need to let me know what size you'd like. Larger size, since it has a bit of soft pith. ;)

    1. Hey! Did you check out this week's post?! All about your hooks. I'm thinking an I or a K are the sizes I still need in wood. :) Cannot wait!