Sunday, September 15, 2013

Creating With My Grandmother

My 87 year old grandmother was visiting last week. As always, she brought several projects to work on during her visit. Her work goes a little bit slower these days, but we enjoyed several afternoons working on our separate projects, and even found ways to include my kids.

Most years for Christmas, each member of the family receives a small plastic canvas ornament from grandma. This year she decided to let my kids pick which one she should make them from her book of over 100 Christmas Ornament patterns. My son chose a Fox with a Santa hat, the Fox being the mascot of his old school. Grandma raided my stash of floss for the colors she needed, and made the whole thing during her visit.

At one point she showed me what she had finished so far, and pointed out an area she had pulled out and redone. She told me, "You're the one who told me, 'If you're going to do needlework, you're going to have to pull it out sometimes.' Because I was so hard on myself when I didn't get things just right."

When I was young, my grandmother always shared her passions for needlework and painting with me, and now she is doing the same with my kids. I thought it was pretty neat that she also learned a little something from me, which has helped her.
Here's Grandma crafting with my Mom on the porch of my Studio during
last year's visit. And people wonder how I ended up being so creative!

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  1. How wonderful. I so miss the experience of crocheting with my grandmother, and it's wonderful to hear stories of other crafty grandmas!