Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Very Yarny Christmas

Our house is finally empty, after a holiday filled with loving family and fun. I managed to crochet just a few small gifts (which were part of a submission for a magazine - killing 2 birds as it were). I was surprised to realize that 5 different relatives gave me yarn or yarn-related gifts this Christmas.

My Aunt and my Stepdad both found me hand-dyed yarns, local to their areas in Canada and California. Although one is a super soft Baby Camel, and the other a somewhat more scratchy "Churro Wool", they are both Bulky weight yarns in orangey sunset tones - which I think will look lovely together in one project (probably for my sister, lover of all things orange). But for now they will hang on my peg board with all my other hanks of yarn, ready to provide my next inspiration.

My Mother-in-law got me the first in the new Yarn Fiction series from Betty Hechtman (mentioned in my post about her Crochet Series), which I am looking forward to reading. I just LOVE the concept of a yarn retreat. I hope to someday teach or even run one - but in the meantime I will thoroughly enjoy reading a whole series about them!

My Mom found me a gorgeous puzzle filled with colorful yarns of all shapes, sizes, and textures, which has kept us quite busy. In between all the work crochet I have been finishing up, I have taken a few breaks to stare at 1000 tiny oddly shaped pieces. It has turned out to be really quite a challenge, since there are few distinctive objects, just trying to match color, texture, and shape. I am at a distinct advantage since I can look at the yarns and know this is a fuzzy mohair or a plied hand-dyed.

Last but not least is the awesome light box that my husband and son got for me for doing close up photography without being completely dependent on the rare "sun breaks" we get in the Pacific Northwest. I have some tutorial photos that I need to take soon, so this will be perfect!

I hope your holiday was equally yarny! Did you get anything special?

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