Friday, March 7, 2014

Downtime can be Dangerous!

Oh my goodness, how last month got away from me! And I didn't even have a lot of deadlines (until this month). But no deadlines is even more dangerous! Giving my brain and hands downtime just means I was swatching and sketching and writing up new book proposals. I came up with more projects than I could possibly produce in the next year, as I was waiting for yarn to arrive for my next several projects.

Then last weekend was the Rose City Yarn Crawl. After my husband jokingly asked if I was going to "crochet a ball gown" to wear to the Yarn Ball, I was suddenly inspired to crochet an entire lace dress in the 2 weeks leading up to the Ball - and it was the hit of the party.

During the yarn crawl, I got the opportunity to see many versions of the shawl I designed for the Mystery Along, in nearly every shop. This was my first experience of seeing one of my designs "in the wild". The fun thing about a mystery along is that every version of the shawl was done in a different yarn - those making it had not even seen my original sample, and were just told to use a fingering or sock weight yarn.

While I was busy crawling around the 20 yarn stores scattered around the city of Portland, purchasing more yarn for future projects, the boxes of yarn for current projects started rolling in. So now I am back to working on projects that have to get done, before I get to start on new ones. But stay tuned later this month for an announcement of my next big project, inspired by all of the yarn I got to fondle and add to my stash last weekend...

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