Thursday, May 15, 2014

When Will Hollywood Get It Right?!

Now, while I'm always excited to see any mention of crochet or knitting in television and movies, I find it very odd that if the writers are going to do a whole episode about the main character joining a "Knitting Circle", why is every single person in the group crocheting granny squares?!

I did not see a single pair of knitting needles on last night's season finale of Suburagtory, where the main character begins by talking about joining a "knitting circle", then later tells her dad it's her "quilting circle" and they are helping her make a quilt for her friend's wedding.

And just when I think perhaps it was just a miscommunication with the propmasters, she finally mentions crochet at the very end of the episode (after making a granny square afghan the length of the room), and refers to her "crocheting needles". What?!

I mean seriously, as with anything else one is writing about, one would think screenwriters would do at least a little bit of research. I know it's a sitcom, and perhaps it was a vain effort to be all inclusive, 'Don't offend the knitters, quilters, or crocheters, we'll get them all in there.' But instead they got it all wrong.

Last year an episode of The New Girl showed her "Crocheting Circle" -- and all but one person had knitting needles. I wish they would hire me as the propmaster when they write yarn into a script! I'll get it right for them. ;) Too bad I don't still live in LA.

On the other hand, I was watching "Sofia the First" on the Disney Channel with my daughter, and was very amused to see the ditsy aunt character being honored with "The Shield of Valor" for calming the "Dreadful Dragon of Dashwood" by teaching it to knit, "AND crochet" she proclaims!

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