Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day 22: Outrageous Fortune

Now that you've seen and read about all of the individual squares in Reversible Color Crochet, let's check out the test of the afghan projects in the book, and how they all came to be...
Outrageous Fortune
Once we had the idea for the doing a whole book of afghans, starting with my original 12 sampler squares, I spent some time on the computer playing with the squares to see how I could put them together to create larger patterns. I cropped each square down and stacked and rearranged them in a word file until I liked how the colors in the squares matched up.

I came up with half a dozen different combinations using just 1 to 2 blocks each combined to create larger afghan ideas. I printed all of these up and took them to my monthly local stitching group (mostly CGOA guild members, but do a lot more than crochet). I asked them to pass the pictures around and choose their favorite 2 out of all the combinations. By far the 2 favorites were one with the "wave" square (that later became the "Snail's Trail") repeated over and over, and this one.

Outrageous Fortune combines Square #11 and Square #12, Arrows and Bullseyes. The Arrows square is the last of the "Learning Squares" that teaches the 'Reverse Half-Color Double Crochet". Bullseye practices all of the double crochet reversible color changes. So by the time you complete this afghan you will be an expert! Also, the afghan is worked in strips so the only seaming of the blocks is where you join the 5 strips, and you can use one continuous skein of each color as you work them.

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