Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 17: Reversibility

So, what do I mean by the "reversible" in Reversible Color Crochet?
Jen and Ivo's Wedding Quilt
one of the few shot to show both sides

Now, there is reversible and there is reversible. Does it just look good on both sides? Or does it actually look the same on both sides?

As a left-handed designer, I seem to be preoccupied with exploring reversible fabrics in crochet. But if you do a search for "Reversible" crochet patterns, more often than not that simply means that they look good on both sides.

My goal, whether in colorwork, cables, or who knows what's next, is to create fabric that is actually the SAME on both sides. That way, whether you are left or right-handed, one side will always look the same as the other.

Whenever I see lovely colorwork pieces in crochet or knit, I always want to see the reverse side. But most pictures only show the "front", assuming no one wants to see the back -- and assuming there is a back at all. Unfortunately, most of the blankets in my book do not actually show both sides of the work, so you have to take my word for the fact that they look just the same on both sides.

But keep in mind that I made all of the samples in the book, and I am left-handed. Therefore, to get the exact same image as a right-handed crocheter, I simply considered their "wrong side" my "right side"! So really, all of these images are showing the "wrong side! (Don't worry, this will make more sense in context, especially when you read the "Notes for Left-Handed Crocheters" in the book).

For more information on Reversible Color Crochet, see:


  1. Glad to see your explanation of this since what you do is so different and special from what a lot of other people are sharing. Love it!

    1. Thanks! Just when I think I've run out of topics for this month related to the book, I think of something else. And thanks for commenting. I was beginning to feel like I'm talking to myself. ;)