Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WNW: Woven Ottoman

What's New Wednesday: Woven Ottoman

Have you picked up Interweave Crochet's HOME special issue? It is still available on newsstands and through their website! There are so many great designs in this issue, you will be inspired to add a little crochet style all over your home!

For the past couple of years I have been seeing large crocheted and knitted poof-type pillows in stores, and have been dying to make one myself. When I saw Interweave was doing a Home issue, I knew this was the perfect chance to explore this idea.

I started with some chunky weight cotton yarn from my stash, and began playing with textured stitches. I wanted a stitch pattern that would give a little texture and interest, but provide a solid enough fabric so you cannot see what is inside. This can be a bit of a challenge when working with a chunky weight yarn. But I settled on this cable-type pattern (I like me some cables), with a background of single crochets worked as you as you go.

I wanted to use smooth stitches for the top and bottom, and was really pleased with how the spiral star look formed as I worked them.

The big challenge was how to stuff the ottoman. I have looked at large pillows and dog pillows, debating what would work best. But I wanted something that would be easy for magazine readers to find. In the end I went to IKEA for some basic square, white pillow forms. However, stacking square pillows in a round shape did not work well, even after pushing in the corners to make it more rounded.

So, I dove into my stash of quilt batting, and rolled some up tight to create a more solid core. Then I arranged the square pillows upright around the core, to create an ottoman that is soft, but will not squish down flat if you rest your feet on it. Although if you plan to sit on it, you may want to add even more batting, or find a pillow form the right shape and stuff it even more. Enjoy!

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