Monday, June 22, 2015

Crafty Kids Review: Star Wars Thumb Doodles from Klutz

Two Thumbs Up for Star Wars Thumb Doodles!
"If you get me a new book like this every week or so, 
you will keep me busy for the whole summer!"
Just 2 days after the start of Summer Break, I had to leave for a fiber festival. I picked up a couple of Klutz Activity Books for my kids to do while I was out of town for the long weekend. I chose the Klutz Star Wars Thumb Doodles Book Kit for my 9 year old son who loves paper crafts of all kinds. I gave him the kit before I headed out last week, and it was a hit!

The first thing Mr. G said when I arrived home after four days, "I made everything in the Star Wars book already! I want all the other Star Wars books! If you get me a new book like this every week or so, you will keep me busy for the whole summer...." The next day he admitted, "Well, this one might keep me entertained for a few weeks. I have to cover the whole box! But I REALLY want the Star Wars Folded Flyers one, so I can put those on the top the box!"

Good thing he has a birthday coming up in a few weeks! I love that Klutz has so many gender neutral craft kits. I am always on the hunt for craft kits that aren't all pink for my crafty son and Klutz has come out with so many great ones!

Mr. G's Thumb Doodle Tips:
Ewok Village

  • Read the instructions at the beginning to see the different types of finger prints used.
  • Make the characters on separate pieces of paper so you can cut them out and move them around and make scenes.
  • It is easier when they are not on the page in the book. 
  • If you mess up, you can just keep making it until you get them right. 
  • Once you've filled the book pages, you can make bigger scenes on cardboard or big sheets of paper.
  • Copy the pictures in the book to make a bigger background.
  • Used tacks to attach your thumb doodles, or use glue dots (removable ones will let you to move the characters around).
"This weekend I sat out on the front porch
and made these for hours and hours."
"I made 25 Clones! I accidentally cut the 
head off one, so I made it part of the battle."
"I can't believe I could make all these things with just 
ink pads, a 2-color pencil, and a black pen!"

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