Friday, July 24, 2020

Keeping Busy in Quarantine

Although we've all spent most of the past 4 months at home, I don't know about you but I have been keeping quite busy. I am grateful that my design work and running Ficstitches Yarns Kit Club enables me to continue working from home, with the added challenge of balancing kids and family and allowing time for myself. For the first time since before I had 2 kids I have been gardening, baking, and walking regularly! And look here I'm even Blogging again!

This was just one very busy weekend.
With 10 and 14 year olds (15 as of last weekend) they are getting more self sufficient. But we are all enjoying the slower pace of the summer now that we don't have to struggle with online school. My kids have nearly as many interests and hobbies as I do, so we are never bored around here. Between my own projects I am helping them with theirs and keeping them in supplies for whatever craft or passion intrigues them in the moment.

I spent the first couple months helping my oldest deliver PPE parts he was 3-D printing for his Robotics Team to donate (they donated nearly 20,000 eye and face shields!). As that project wrapped up he was building a worm bin for his science class and melting recycled plastic into useful containers. My youngest is an avid reader, so I've been struggling to keep her supplied with books, in between drawing and other crafts.

All of this time at home has allowed me to focus on plans for future Ficstitches Yarns kits, and other projects. My business partner C. Jane Reid and I have been taking regular socially distanced walks around our neighborhood to both get exercise and plan out the stories, designs, and accessories for all of 2021!

I've even been experimenting with crafts besides crochet, which will be making their way into future kits. We always include something handmade that is part of the story that comes with the kit or useful for finishing the project. My son and I got a button maker back in March and are making buttons to go on the bags of each Kit this year. I made Leather Knot Stick Barrette/Shawl Pins for the Spring Kit and Beaded Bookmarks for the Summer Kit that just shipped out last month.

After 5 years of creating and shipping kits every 3 months, I am reinvigorated by planning to make most of the handmade goodies for the next year and a half myself! There is still time to get in on our Fall 2020 Kit Club so you can join the fun. Imagine getting your next crochet project delivered right to your door with a book to read along with it. Preorders close July 31st. Order yours today and join the adventure!


  1. Sounds like you've been busy! Can't wait to see all the creative goodness that comes out of your planning!

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