Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mommy Time

"Mommy Time" is MOMS Club's "Club" for Moms with older kids to get together while the kids are in school. They meet twice a month at local coffee shops. This morning I met the "Mommy Time" gals at Starbucks for our first "Learn To Crochet" session with MOMS Club.

Starbucks was packed when I got there, not an empty seat in the joint. But I saw a table being vacated, and I plopped my basket of yarn down as I waited for my Peppermint Mocha. We had a small group, not helped by a little confusion on where we were meeting. "Is 'meet at Panera' code for 'we're really meeting at Starbucks'?"

Once my first 2 victims found me, and were fortified with caffiene, we got off to a great start. They both caught on really quickly, though one had the advantage of some crochet experience when she was young. They mastered the chain and double crochet stitches, and had several rows of their first scarves finished within less than an hour and a half.

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