Saturday, November 15, 2008

MOMS Night Out

Every month MOMS Club has one nighttime activity when we get to leave the kids at home and "party". Last night I hosted 14 women crammed around the large table in my craftroom. 3 year old Griffin helped me get ready by piling all the baby yarn donated for our Blanket Project into a big pile on his train table. I was okay with his mixing up all the carefully sorted skiens if it kept him busy. But I had to draw the line when he started removing the paper wrappings so I can't tell type, dye lot, etc... LOL.

The MOMS started arriving at 7pm. one or two at a time. Each brought a contribution to the "party", cookies, brownies, and don't forget the margarita mix. I brewed Mochas for those of us in need of a boost. The room was surprisingly quiet as we had a lot of newer MOMS Club members and a couple visitors who generously came to assist me in teaching such a large group. Once most of our moms had arrived we started our lesson, learning to make a slip knot and basic chain. I gave them all balls of acrylic "practice yarn", starting with chains and moving on to double crochet. I switched to single crochet for those who had a hard time with all the loops in a double.

The majority of my students were able to catch on to the double crochet quickly (with a lot of help from my "assistants", Thank You!), and switched to the fancy chenille after a few rows with the practice yarn. I found a ton of Lion Suede yarn in lovely colors, really cheap at Big Lots. Not necessarily the easiest first yarn to work with, but much more fun for a scarf than acrylic (and 1/3 the price of the exact same skien I bought just a couple weeks before).

The last mom to leave (at nearly 1am) completely a little coin purse. By the end of the evening most of the moms had started their scarves and were already talking about what sort of baby blanket pattern they want to try next. Of course there were a few exceptions, but that's for another day...

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  1. Thanks for hosting! I had fun and got a good start on my blanket. I'm halfway finished now and eager to see what it will look like when I'm done!