Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Yarning" May Not Be For Everyone

There were only a few moms who did not quite get the hang of crocheting at our MOMS Night Out on Friday. And only one of those who I don't think will try again. Even the two moms who just came to hang out (and drink) crocheted at least a little.

One mom just kept trucking along with her chaining, and is coming back Monday for more. She said she had a lot of fun, and even dreamed about crocheting all that night. But she really has no interest in learning another "stitch", and decided chains make really good bookmarks! I even gave her a charm to put on the end of it. Apparently her 6 year old stole the first one, so she HAS to make another.

Another mom kept saying in a very calm voice, "I think I hate this," as she continued struggling through three rows of "double crochet". It didn't look much like any stitch I've ever done, but she stuck with it until she used up the ball of practice yarn. Then she was done, and headed home. I guess crocheting (or "Yarning" as 3-year-old G-man calls all the yarn arts) is not for everyone, but at least she tried.


  1. I'm so inspired by everyone who is struggling with the technique but keeps on trying! It just such fun to have so many ladies sitting around a table, working with yarn and sharing stories.

  2. I have to admit I get a rush seeing all these people enjoying something I enjoy so much! And so many people are so excited about the project.

  3. I think I was one of the moms who you were talking about that didn't get it, LOL!! I LOVE the idea of "yarning" (I love that kid!), but I don't think I have the patience for it...

  4. Naw, you just need a little one-on-one time. You keep trying, but there are a few who don't want to or can't. Which is totally fine. Everyone is helping in their own way.