Friday, November 21, 2008

Crafty Chicks

I've been waiting to post about last Monday's Crafty Chicks Learn to Crochet to get pictures. But I'll have to post them later.

Crafty Chicks is Camas MOMS Club's new monthly Craft Club, mostly for Moms to craft while the kids play. For round 3 of MOMS Club's Learn to Crochet this month, we met up at Cafe Sip'n'Play, our local coffee shop with a large play area to keep the kids busy while we crochet. We had 13 people come to crochet, mostly repeats from last week, and 4 newbies. My first 2 students (from Mommy Time last week) were almost done with their scarves and ready to pick yarn to start their baby blankets.

It was quite an impressive sight, our Moms (and even one Dad) taking up 1/2 the tables in the place. All these Moms, working together, toward a common goal. The more experienced crocheters helping those just starting out. I moved around the tables trying to help as many people as I could. Many of those who just learned last week complained they are already addicted!

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