Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Scrapbook Camp and Birth Announcements

Your scrapbooks sleepover but you go home.

This weekend I spent nearly 24 hours "cropping" in my craftroom with a couple of friends. We started Friday night, and then came back for all day Saturday and most of Sunday. The hardest part of scrapbooking (especially as a Mom) is that as soon as you get everything organized and set up to work on, it's time to pack up again (or the kids tear you away). This way we set up Friday Night and could just continue working in the morning. The one friend who was here all weekend finished at least an entire album!

I am not doing much Christmas shopping this year, but have a lot of photo projects in the works. However, instead of working on those, I spent most of the weekend making announcements for our daughter Rowan. I am not generally into making handmade cards, but birth announcements are once in a lifetime for each of my children. I feel like making and sending announcements is one of the few small things I would have done for Rowan if she had lived, which I can still do for her.

My sister had a beautiful painting commissioned for us, with help from our family. She sent the artist, Isaac Bushkin, pictures of Rowan and of rowan trees. Her only stipulations were to include a girl fairy/angel and the leaves of a rowan tree. I had fun finding colored papers to set off and frame the picture. I did not have enough of the lovely handmade paper for all of them so I came up with two variations.


  1. Just got my announcement after arriving home from a few days away. It's perfect. Rowan's announcement goes in a place of honor right next to Griffin's announcement.