Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Charity Crochet (and Knit) Nights

Last night I hosted my first (of many) Charity Crochet (and Knit) Nights. Only 2 friends joined me to work on their blankets, as it was planned at the last minute. With so many new crocheters I want to give them as many opportunities to get help as I can. From now on, I'll be hosting these Charity Nights every other week, with beginner and project Classes on the alternate weeks (next month we'll be making hats). I suspect they will only get bigger, especially when I invite more of my friends than just the MOMS Club. I have a lot of crafty friends, and they all seem to want to participate.

Carissa, who I taught to crochet a couple months ago, has already made scarves for all of her nieces with matching hats. She came Tuesday night and is almost done with the granny squares for her first blanket. I spent most of the time helping another gal choose a pattern and yarn to begin her blanket, and got her off to a good start, I hope.

I think I will start a tally here to keep track of how many blankets we have completed and in the works. I am hoping we will be able to make our first donation by March.

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  1. I'm hoping to finish the granny square blanket in the next week and move on to learning the afgan stitch!

    And I made these cute little Turkey coasters for Thanksgiving for my nieces and Kate. Here's the pattern:

    I learned the half double crochet stitch while making them. I can't believe I'm picking this up so fast. My mom tells me I have my grandma in me. She was an avid crocheter.

    Thanks for all you help and guidance, Laurinda!