Thursday, November 27, 2008

Baking With Griffin

Like most 3 year olds, Griffin loves to help, in the garden, in the craftroom, and in the kitchen. Last year for Thanksgiving we made Pumpkin Pudding. That was the day I discovered Griffin knew how to turn on my Kitchenaide mixer. Yikes! I've unplugged it ever since.

This year for Thanksgiving we baked a gluten-free birthday cake for my sister and made yams for the first time. Griffin always climbs up on his step stool which he drags around the kitchen from counter to counter so he can reach. He usually helps by pouring in all the ingredients, turning the mixer on and off, spooning out the dough or batter, and licking the spoon, of course!

Today I taught him to use the microwave (which I suppose I may come to regret, but so far he is pretty good about not getting into the wrong things - crossing fingers). When I needed to melt the butter and chocolate, I gave him the right amount and a bowl. Griffin unwrapped them, put them in the bowl, carried the bowl to the microwave (dragging his little stool with him), pushed the "Instant Minute" button, and patiently watched to tell me when they were melted. I, of course, had to remove the hot bowls. But he is getting so independent. I even taught him how to grease the pan, with his little fingers all covered in butter.

As long as you don't mind a little mess, and have a LOT of patience, cooking with kids can be a lot of fun! Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Kate helped me bake TC's birthday cake a week ago. She's learning how to use the hand mixer and she loves it! And I'm showing her the microwave, too. We should have a cooking day sometime.

  2. Oh Laurinda! This is totally what happens in our kitchen. Only it's a little more chaos. I think of you often and wonder how you are. I still need to hug you. :-)

  3. I was thinking of you the other day. Looking for your snail mail addy & found yer blog. Could you please email it to me? Thanks!