Tuesday, December 2, 2008

G the Artiste

Little G LOVES to paint! I'm doing a whole 2 page spread of G's painting escapades in his scrapbook.

After much begging last night, I pulled out the easel, covered him up in Daddy's old shirt, and poured out three cups of paint, red, yellow and blue. I was working on dinner in the next room, checking on him now and then, as he swirled the colors into one solid bluish mass.

The next thing we knew, in came little G, dragging his newly painted paper, torn by the weight of the dripping paint! Poor kid just wanted to show us his work, and we jump all over him, yelling about the mess. Dad wiped up the trail of paint leading from the easel in the craftroom, through the laundry room and into the kitchen (we just discovered another blue doorknob tonight). I carefully stripped down a paint covered G. In the attempt to keep his completely blue hands off his clothes, he managed to wipe it all over his face and hair! I threw him in the bath, draining it twice before the water ran clear.

So much for unsupervised painting. Spent the rest of the evening on Amazon adding "No Mess" craft kits to his Christmas list. I love that he LOVES to make "artwork" of all sorts, but maybe we'll stick with "sticker artwork" and other paint-free activities!

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