Friday, December 12, 2008

Crazy Crafty Week

Saturday Craft Fair at Cafe Sip'n'Play, local kid-friendly coffee shop. Used to do a lot of fairs, but this is my first in 3 years, since I moved to Washington.

Tuesday Charity Crochet Night, small group, but my most hesitant student finally learned to Single Crochet, yay!

Thursday Crafty Kids Gift Making Workshop for MOMS Club, 21kids, 5 crafts each, tons of fun. Hours and hours of prep time even with help from my friends. More on this when I get pics loaded up.

All Week Crocheting my Christmas Gifts in every free moment I can find, in the car, waiting for computer to boot up, in the dark movie theater watching Bond. LOL.

Another Weekend of Scrapbooking to look forward to. Need to finish first part of scrapbook for my son Griffin's preschool class this weekend. So, darn, I just HAVE to crop!

Maybe I'll have time to post more when I'm not doing so much crafting. Oh, and I have a cold this week, but I cannot be stopped! At least until I fall over...

1 comment:

  1. I had great fun at the crochet night and the Crafty Kids. And I'm there with you on working on gifts whenever I sit down. I was very pleased to find I'd finished the gifts for my nieces in time to mail them with my mom's package. Now onward to the next round of gifts!