Sunday, January 18, 2009

So Many Generous Donations for Our Blanket Project

MOMS Club has received many generous donations of cash, yarn, fabric and even finished blankets from family and friends for our Baby Blanket Project. Several of my Christmas Cards arrived with checks ($15 to $100!) toward supplies for the Remembering Rowan Project. One card included a preprinted Precious Moments quilt top.

While she was here for the holidays, my mother-in-law took me to Michaels to buy yarn to donate for 6 more blankets. My mother brought me a bag full of granny squares from her church’s rummage sale in baby blue, navy and white which will make another lovely baby blanket when my friend Carissa sews them all together.

One of my oldest friends sent a (very gently used) blanket from Washington D.C., lovingly made for his daughter by her Godmother. They wanted to contribute something, and the lovely fluffy pink yarn just needs a little fuzz trimmed off to look good as new. One MOMS Club member donated a beautiful white afghan that her daughter never used. This is a great way to participate for those who are not up to making their own. Many of us receive far more blankets than one little baby can use. Do not feel shy about “regifting” those handmade treasures. It is for a great cause.

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