Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blankets Galore And Many More!

Check out our updated Blanket Tally (left). We already have 20 finished blankets! I have been amazed with the efforts of so many MOMS Club members (and our friends and family members) who are making blankets to contribute to our project. At our Club meeting today, we decided we will have a "Blanket Showing and Reception" so everyone can see each other's blankets.
We are planning to collect blankets at the end of February to donate in early March. There is still plenty of time to start one. At Crafty Chicks last week, my friends Karen, Michelle, and Trina, who just learned to crochet in November, showed off their finished blankets and started their 2nd (or 3rd)!
Karen’s husband learned to crochet in November and is almost done with his blanket. One other fire fighting Dad came to learn last week. He caught on really quickly. I hear he is well on his way to finishing his first scarf, but does not think he will "take it up", apparently worried about what the guys at the firehouse would say. Maybe I can get my Dad (the knitter in the family) to teach a Men Can Knit class for the Dads. LOL.Other friends are sending blankets from Oklahoma and San Diego. One is my hubby’s Godmother, and another is one of Griffin’s “Fairy Godmothers,” who I taught to crochet many years ago. The Midwives who cared for me during my last pregnancy are also knitting a couple of blankets to donate. One Club member’s sister donated a blanket with a cute crocheted moon rattle pinned to a sweet card. I think something like this would be a nice touch for each of the blankets we donate.

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