Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Very Crafty Christmas

So it has been over a month since Christmas, but I had so much fun making most of my Christmas presents this year that I just had to share. Just got a new computer so now I can include pics.

My playgroup exchanged handmade gifts this year. I made
Crocheted Face and Dish Scrubbies in each of their favorite colors. I received a cross stitched bookmark, mixes in a jar & bag, & a yummy quiche! The one different gift I made was for Bambi, the Twilight fanatic who got a crocheted hat inspired by one Bella wears in the movie.

My friend at Sunshine Salad makes lovely organic cotton Dishtowels. She has a great eye for combining fabrics. I crocheted some organic cotton Dishcloths & Sponges for her to give her family which I traded for sets of her towels.
Then I crocheted cotton cloths & sponges to give to my family along with her towels - yellow lemons to go with lemon fabric and blue & green flowers to go with the flower fabric.

I crocheted hats and scarves for several others. My favorites, another Bella hat for my 18 year old cousin and a crazy, fuzzy snowboarding hat for her 20 year old brother. I never know what to make either of them, but she's a huge Twilight fan and he picked the yarn out himself. Wonder if they'll actually wear them?

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