Friday, January 30, 2009

Playscapes for little Mr. G.

Griffin's main Christmas presents this year were a couple of foldable Waldorf-style playmats. I designed them to go with tubes of little Farm Animals and Dragons I knew that my aunt was giving him. I used almost all recycled materials, combing through my scraps, unfinished projects and freeform scrumbles to piece together a Farmyard and a Fantasy World. The only piece made from scratch was the Tower, and only had to add a few stitches to existing pieces to create the Water features and Cave. I love the bit of fiery red running through the blue, like it was meant to be a Dragon's River.
Notice the compost pile and chicken coop in the Farm Yard (fun freeform scrumbles I collected from some knitter friends, thanks JJ, Jasper & Tahlia!).

Was going to make ties, but decided buttons he could do himself! The backings were made with the sleeve of a sweater I will never finish and recycled fleece and fabric scraps. The unicorn fabric was left from a crazy quilted baby album my sister made for Griffin.

Now I just have to decide what to make next! A world for Dinosaurs, Under the Sea/Coral Reef, Frogs and Bugs, or a Jungle? I am thinking a Vegetable Garden for his birthday, with pockets to "plant" felt or crocheted carrots, etc... I have to thank Brenda for her inspirational ideas & pictures. I think you have created a monster!

See more playmats here and here.

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  1. Ah. Griffin has made his request. A LilyPad for his frogs...hmmm