Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Kid Gives Crafty Too!

Griffin, my 3 1/3 year old, made all of his Christmas gifts this year. He got to make extras of the bathsalts, keyrings, etc... we made at our Gift Making Workshop.

He was convinced that he was going to "yarn" a scarf for his Grandma. But he has a lot more fun making spiderwebs all over the house, ending in a big pile of sacrificial yarn. We compromised by his tying knots in the ends of Fleece Scarves (I precut for him). Here's Grandpa Kit modeling his:

He decorated Magnetic Foam Frames with school themed stickers (both from $ Tree) to frame his 1st preschool pictures for each of his Grandparents.

Griffin also helped me make little Tassle Angel Ornaments for the whole family. I try to come up with some handmade ornament for us to make every year. He helped me paint the haloes and glue the wings on. I usually try to find something he can do more on his own, but the Angels seemed appropriate this year, in memory of his baby sister.

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