Monday, February 2, 2009

Crochet Club

The first rule of Crochet Club. There is no Crochet Club.

Yesterday was our first monthly "Crochet Club" at Cafe Sip'n'Play. With so many MOMS Club members "Hooked on Crochet", we have decided to do it every month. Even though I forgot to send out a reminder we had 6 of us there to work on our blankets. Michelle brought me her 2nd and 3rd blankets, picked out yarn for a 4th, and started making her first baby hat. What an over-achiever! I am so impressed by the enthusiasm of our MOMS (and Dads) for this project.

Our Club President was contacted today by a reporter from the Camas Post Record about doing an article on our Remembering Rowan Blanket Project. She wants pictures of our members crocheting, so we may have a real photographer at our next Crochet Club!

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