Thursday, February 12, 2009

Felting Soap

Last Friday was my friend Carissa's birthday. Our Playgroup thought we should celebrate. Carissa happened to mention recently that she loves handmade soaps, so I thought she would enjoy doing something with soap. One of the other MOMS suggested Felting Soap as a great activity to do with the kids.
This seemed like a great idea since I have a couple bins of wool roving from my days of Spinning Yarn at the Southern California Rennaisance Faire, as well as some bits of bright colors from a Needle Felting class I took last year with haddy2dogs. (I just found out she is doing another workshop in a couple of weeks & can't wait!)
I made a special trip in to Portland Thursday to get some lovely handmade soaps from a local mama who will be selling her soaps soon. I found a GREAT How To Felt Over Soap tutorial online and we went for it. We did not quite manage to get additional colors to felt on to most of our soaps. But the stringy bits leftover were perfect for needle felting onto a couple wool balls I made. This has got to be the cleanest craft project ever!

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  1. That was a great deal of fun! I loved it. Thanks for arranging it for my birthday.