Monday, February 23, 2009

Showering the New Mother

Last month I helped throw a "Mother Shower" for a dear friend up in Seattle. This is her first baby, and I think it is important to acknowledge her transition into motherhood. So instead of the typical Baby Shower games and activities I pulled a lot of ideas from the Blessingways book.

We started with a good old fashioned Slumber Party with a small group of women the night before the Shower. We pampered the expectant Mama with Spa Treatments (using Mama Rose's Naturals products), Henna tatoos, and a Belly Cast. In the morning Mama was treated to a professional massage. Meanwhile my co-host prepared a Proper High Tea, complete with cucumber sandwiches, and I set up for the various activities.

I always like to have a Mini-Photo Album for guests to write a message or wish for the baby, leaving room for photos to be added later. I include a quote from the story of Sleeping Beauty and ask guests to wish a quality on the baby like Sleeping Beauty's Fairy Godmothers. I also provided Gift Certificates for guests to fill out indicating Gifts of Service they were willing to give the family after baby arrived (meals, dishes, etc...)

As the guests arrived and partook of their tea and yummy cakes they signed the Guestbook and filled out Gift Cards. We then moved on to other crafty activities.
Each guest made Something for Baby: A one-of-a-kind Decorated Onesie.

Something for Mama: A fimo bead stamped with symbols representing wishes for the mother, to become a Birth Necklace.
Something for the Birth: A birth or Intention Candle carved with celtic runes representing hopes for the birth (strength, protection, speed...), which guests took home and lit when Mama went in to labor to help speed her on her way.

I have done all these activities at showers in the past to great success. I knew that neither the Guest of Honor nor many of the guests would be into playing the typical baby shower games, so this was a great alternative. Great fun was had by all.

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