Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Bunny Cometh

Every Easter we spend the weekend at Norwescon a Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention held in Seattle. A somewhat odd tradition, but Griffin still gets his Easter Basket (in the hotel room) and an Easter Egg Hunt (in a hotel conference room with toadstool pillows to hide eggs under).

I got to attend a lot of interesting panels on writing, costuming, and a few crafty projects for the kids. But the best panel of the weekend was the Monster Mash. Where I took a perfectly good bunny, lopped it's legs off, and hand-sewed on the legs of a pastel fuzzy lochness monster type creature, added on the pointy tail and sparkley belly from said creature (Griffin noticed the sparkly belly first thing Easter morning). Then the trunk of an orange elephant, sewn on upside down. And the picture was before I finished the orange wings...made from the hair of a Power Puff Girl!

This "Bunny Monster" appeared the next day in Griffin's Easter Basket, along with 2 new crocheted playscapes (pictures coming soon!) and several books. Mimi, who led the Monster Mash, posted more pics of the crazy monsters created by my cohorts. She collects bags of old stuffed animals from thift stores & hosts Monster Making Parties at her house - I love this idea. You never know what you will get!


  1. Awesome! So cute! I totally want to try this. I'm going to raid my old stuffed animals bin to get some ideas.

  2. It's even more fun in a big group to share creative ideas...and body parts. LOL Let's have a party this summer! :)

  3. That is so cute. Post a picture of it with the wings on.

    What a great idea for all the battered and torn stuffed toys.