Friday, April 24, 2009

More Play Mats... Ocean & Papermache

Another Easter surprise in Griffin's basket was an Ocean Playmat which I made for a Craft Challenge on Every two weeks they choose a different theme. When I saw the Ocean theme I raided my craftroom and came up with 3 different Ocean themed craft ideas, just using the materials I had on hand (okay, I'm a hoarder and have a huge craftroom, but at least I am using what I have).
This Playmat began it's life as yet another unfinished hat project. I added some waves and light blue ripples, along with a touch of white foam in the pull string around the outer edge. Of course it needed an island, made with chunky cotton.
The ocean is inhabited by a felt & wire mermaid and her fishy friends. She was totally inspired by Princess Nimble Thimble's marvelous bendy dolls on Etsy. She is the first bendable doll I have tried to make. The Ocean Mat pulls tight into a pouch to carry the mermaid and her friends for travel.
Griffin also made a Playscape himself over Easter weekend. With a little help from Mom, he taped foam peanuts and balls (cut in 1/2) onto a piece of cardboard, along with a cardboard tube and a wavey scrap from someone else's creation. Then paper mached the whole thing with recycled newspapers and newsprint. The next day we painted and decorated his creation. When asked if he wanted his world to have aliens or dinosaurs, he responded, "Aliens AND Dinosaurs!"
As soon as he got home, Griffin lined up all his playmats on the couch to play with them.

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