Monday, September 7, 2009

There's Something In The Water...

Babies, babies everywhere. Everyone I know seems to be pregnant. Four of us within a one block radius.

I am now 20 weeks pregnant with my second baby girl. I have not been blogging much this summer, as I was not ready to write about this pregnancy. Although we planned it, and were lucky enough to get pregnant right away, I was not sure how I would feel when we discovered the gender of this baby. We did not find out with Rowan, and the surprise was not all it was cracked up to be. So we wanted to do things differently this time around. I felt like I needed to find out to prepare myself either way.

We just found out Friday that this baby is another girl. I wanted this so much that I did not quite believe it until two different doctors confirmed it. Growing up with one sister and all girl cousins, I always assumed I would have girls. In the past five years, we four girl cousins have had 7 baby boys between us! I do not think I knew how much I wanted to raise a girl until I came so close with Rowan. I never even got to dream of what it would be like because as soon as we saw she was a girl, we realized she was not breathing.

I can admit now that I have a secret stash of baby girl clothes I have bought over the past year. A small "hope chest" which I knew might go to some other special baby girl than my own. It was one of the small things I wanted to do "for Rowan" that I would have done had she lived. I took pleasure in choosing adorable girly outfits in my favorite greens, blues, and purples. No pastels and pinks for my baby girls!

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