Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baby Cakes

A good friend was expecting her 3rd baby boy last summer. Her friends wanted to throw her a baby shower, but knew she didn't need most of the gifts one usually gives an expectant mommy. She already has it all! So they made her shower sort of a 'diaper drive', asking everyone to bring diapers (all brands and sizes). But I couldn't just give a plain old box of diapers, how boring. Just not my style...
I planned to give her some Mama Rose's Naturals baby products, made by a local Mom in Eugene, OR, and a pair of the Fuzzy Feet baby booties I make. Then I came across these instructions for making a diaper cake and got my inspiration. I realized I had everything except the diapers on hand. Gotta love a well-stocked craft room!
I collected diapers from a couple of my friends and realized the lids to my set of nesting hatboxes was the perfect base for creating each tier of the cake. I ended up with 2 cakes... a 4 layer cake alternating the 2 different types of diapers (Huggies Supreme and Target brand with cute blue & green polkadots, perfect for a cake), and a small single layer "whole wheat" cake, in case the baby can't handle refined flours (hehe). It was a great way to use all the tiny newborn brown Seventh Generation diapers my sister gave me.
Both cakes were wrapped in yards and yards of green and blue satin ribbon bows and flowers. I even glued the flowers onto binder clips and push pins so they could be used again. I figure the Mama can use some pretty flowered things with all those boys in the house! And the bottles of diaper care stuff in the middle hold all the layers together, all topped with the pair of pale blue Fuzzy Feet.

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