Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No Sew Fleece Blankets - Blanket Project Phase 3

In November, the Camas MOMS Club's "Crafty Chicks" got together to make some no sew fleece blankets which we plan to donate to foster children here in Vancouver, WA. Most of these kids leave their homes with no belongings of their own. Our blankets will go to the office where the kids can choose one, and have one warm thing that belongs just to them.

No sew blankets are the perfect project for all of the members of our Club who are not into crocheting or quilting, or do not consider themselves crafty. It just takes two pieces of fleece 1 1/2-2 yards long and a pair of scissors.

The church where we hold our Club meetings had tables large enough to spread out 3 blankets with about a dozen MOMS working on either side. We worked together cutting fringe along each side and tying the two layers of fleece into warm cozy blankets. We completed 8 fleece blankets in just a little over an hour. Several other Club members and friends took blankets kits to make on their own. Each blanket was finished with our blanket project tags, including the butterfly logo one of our members designed last year.

We are still collecting blankets, quilts, hats, and memory boxes for our next donation. In addition to the fleece blankets, we will be making another donation to the NICU and Bereavement Departments of a local hospital.

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