Sunday, August 29, 2010

All Wrapped Up

Griffin had 3 birthday parties to attend in the past week. Animals, Karate, Swimming and Ponies, oh my, and what a lot of presents to wrap. Rather than buy yet another gift bag or more wrapping paper I gave him a roll of plain brown paper to decorate with rubber stamps and stickers. Then he wrapped them himself (with a little help). His gifts were a bit more difficult to open as the thicker paper needed packing tape to keep closed, so the birthday boys had to work for it.

He even made his own birthday cards, and practiced writing his name and his friends’ names. As I am purging and sorting the craftroom I have been collecting stickers for Griffin to use, and found a great unopened package of birthday stickers which made beautiful cards.

With enough stickers and paper, my kid can still be kept busy for an hour or more. At least he has moved on from “sticker artwork” that piled all the stickers on top of each other so you cannot even see half of them. Now he arranges them carefully telling me about the “machine that makes party hats” he is making, and how the “boring” stickers are on the front of his Grandpa’s card “so he will be surprised when he sees the pretty sparkly ones on the inside”.

All in all a great time, breaking his first board and riding a pony all in one day.

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  1. Looks like some great parties! Love that you had him be creative and use what you had!