Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Angels & Dragonflies

Angels, Butterflies, and Dragonflies have taken on a special meaning for me in the past 2 years. They are thought to represent the souls of those children that leave us too soon. Griffin watches for them when we are working on our garden, or riding in the car. He keeps telling me, "Mommy! There's a little white butterfly. Do you see it?" I do not always see them...

When I was looking for little "Thank You" gifts to give to everyone who has helped with our Blanket Project before the first donation, I looked for something that included those symbols. I found some lovely little handmade paper boxes, so I decided I needed something to fit in them. I know, finding something to fit into a specific box is totally backwards, but they are really cute boxes! I even wrote the recipient's name on top, and "Thank You" on the inside, with my "calligraphy" pens (cheater scrapbooking pens that look like calligraphy) and tied them with a ribbon.

After much thought, I remembered I had seen kits for Angel Earrings, and they happened to be on sale after Christmas. I thought they would make lovely Stitch Markers for all of the crocheters and knitters by simply replacing the earring hook with a lobster clasp. I found some extra green skirt and wing beads to mix with the white ones from the kits. I wanted to include green beads in each one, as Peridot is Rowan's birthstone.

Griffin helped me make them all. It was a great activity for practicing pattern recognition once he learned the order of the beads: skirt, wings, head, halo. Then I just bent the wires to finish them up. We also made Hemp Bookmarks for the non-crocheters who helped in other ways, with a Dragonfly on one end and an appropriate Word Charm on the other (Believe, Inspire, Hope, Love, Friend...).

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