Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ribbon Rings

My neighbor frequently has her three nieces over for long visits, and she quickly runs out of activities to keep them busy. Apparently they have taken to asking if they can come to my house (at 8am in the morning), so I have been trying to come up with crafts for them.

I saw these awhile back on Make and Takes. I already had plenty of ribbon, and recently picked up a couple dozen shower curtain rings at the $Store for a Ribbon Crafting Playdate. But 14 moms with 1-3 kids each (mostly 3 and under) never got around to making the Rings, though we did manage to make a few No Slip Hair Clips that day.

So the other day I invited the girls and my best friend’s daughter over to make Ribbon Rings. With four kids and a baby on my back, I helped them pick several colors of ribbon, cut them to about 4 feet, and helped them tie the ribbons onto the shower curtain rings. Then I trimmed the bottoms so they were more or less the same length, and let the kids run off with them to play with them in the garden.

To use up the short left over scraps, we tied them to stretchy hair ties to make little toys for the babies. We even heat set the ends so they will not fray when they inevitably end up in the mouth. The Ribbon Rings are a lot of fun. But if you are not feeling crafty, you can pick up something similar, with much nicer wooden rings, from my friend over at Green Baboon Designs on Etsy.

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