Friday, August 6, 2010

Serendipity in Strings

Two years ago, my Dad played his harp for the Battle Ground Art Alliance’s Annual Spring Show. An artist named Linda McCord took his picture playing the harp. Just a few days ago he received a message that this artist had painted him and wanted to give him a print of the painting. But he would have to go to Longview to her Gallery to pick it up. As it turned out, I was heading to Longview for a root canal the very next day.

As I walked into the Gallery, just five minutes from the dentist, the first painting just inside the door was a beautiful image of my father playing his harp. This was part of a group of musicians, “Sax”, “The Guitarist”… And Dad’s is simply called “Strings”. I had a nice conversation with the artist, and found that we had some things in common.

This is just one example of the serendipity I find in everyday life. I have noticed that the more you recognize and appreciate the serendipity and synchronicity in your life, the more you will experience.

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