Saturday, October 2, 2010

33 Finished Projects Has September!

(if you count all the balls of yarn I have spun in the past 2 weeks)

I set myself the challenge last month to complete 30 crochet projects in 30 days. I came very close, but got a little sidetracked with rediscovering spinning yarn at Camp Pluckyfluff. So if you count all of the skeins of yarn I spun by hand this month, I am well over 30 projects!

I finished up quite a few UFOs (UnFinished Objects), and with the exception of 1 ball of gold wool for the felted crowns, all of the new projects used up some of my overflowing stash of yarn.

So here is the final list...

Crochet Projects Completed in September:
1. Teal Granny Square Head Scarf
2. Harvest Cocoon (Inner Hooker Pattern)
3. Blue Chenille Large Baby Cocoon (IH Pattern)
4. Waterfall Fringed Blanket (IH Pattern)
5. Angel White Mohair Cocoon
6. Blue Boucle Cocoon
7. Brown Alpaca Newborn Nest
8. Natural Wool Newborn Nest
9. Gold Felted Doll Crown (may add needle felting)
10. Small Felted Doll Crown (may add needle felting)
11. Scrap Cat Blanket
12. Blue Boucle Hat (UFO)
13. Chemo Cap for 6 year old girl (UFO)
14. Gold Child's Felted Crown
15. Gold Child's Felted Crown
16. Natural Multicolored Cotton Cocoon
17. Brown Wool Millend Cat House
18. Handspun Multicolored Wool Hat (with my 1st art yarn)
19. Tan Fuzzy Cat Hat(UFO)
20. Pink/Grey Fuzzy Cat Hat (UFO)
21. Green Chenille Hat (UFO)
22. Brown Cat Ear Hat
23. Blues Skinny Scarf (UFO)
24. Baby Bib with Crocheted edge (UFO)

Handspun Art Yarn:
1.Nobbly Green/Blue/Black/Rust Plied with Cotton Thread
2.Crazy Carded Reds Navajo Plied "Yarn Puke"
3.Green & Turquoise Corespun Mohair (59 yards)
4.Felt Nubby Teal Plied with Black Chenille (58 yards)
5.Teal & Blue Tailspun Mohair Locks (27 yards)
6.Dark Blues Crazy Carded plied with Dark Blue Mohair (79 yards)
7.Merino Navajo Plied (39 yards)
8.Bright Green & Blues Merino Corespun on Mohair (127 yards)
9.Kelly Green Merino with Green Firestar & Silk Noils (86 yards)

**I promise to post pictures just as soon as I figure out my new laptop, just needed to get these posted before the next week of crafty goodness begins.... Monster Making Workshop on Monday & Candle Decorating for Infant Loss and Remembrance Day on October 15th.

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  1. thank you for sharing your story about Rowan! I wanted to stop by too because when I saw your name, I was surprised. I've never "met" or seen anyone else have the same name as my Mother. She was born in Washington state and her name was spelled the exact same as you. She passed away last Summer but, she was one of a kind as I'm sure you are :)

    I love that you have a project in remembrance of your daughter also..always wonderful to give back