Saturday, October 2, 2010

Camp Pluckyfluff!

I stumbled across Lexi Boeger's Plucky Fluff website about five years ago. After many years of demonstrating basic spinning at the Southern California Renaissance Fair, I was intrigued by the creative possibilities art yarn allows. I was tempted to buy her book but really wanted to attend one of her workshops, better known as Camp Pluckyfluff. So over the years have visited her website watching for a workshop in my area.

I was so excited to discover she was having a workshop in Portland this year the weekend after my birthday. My friend Elsa loaned me her spinning wheel and came to "Camp" with me. We had a great weekend of fun and fiber with a dozen other wonderful, creative women who came from as far as Colorado to learn from this inspiring teacher.

We learned so many fun techniques in just two days, I came home with 5 skeins of art yarn including beehives, granny stacks, crazy carding, navajo plying, mohairing, felt nubbies, fabric, corespinning, tailspinning. I am totally spun on spinning again, and am already considering how to host Camp Pluckyfluff Portland #2 next year...

Handspun Art Yarn (9/18-9/22)

1. Nobbly Green/Blue/Black/Rust Plied with Cotton Thread
2. Crazy Carded Reds Navajo Plied "Yarn Puke"
3. Green & Turquoise Corespun Mohair (59 yards)
4. Felt Nubby Teal Plied with Black Chenille (58 yards)
5. Teal & Blue Tailspun Mohair Locks (27 yards)
6. Dark Blues Crazy Carded plied with Dark Blue Mohair (79 yards)
7. Merino Navajo Plied (39 yards)
8. Bright Green & Blues Merino Corespun on Mohair (127 yards)

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