Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Teaching Charity to My Chidren

A couple weeks ago, Griffin, Willow, Grandma R., and I joined Stephaniejo (creator of the Read Me A Blanket Program) to donate the rest of the cat blankets we collected for Rowan's birthday. We had included a couple crochet swatches for the cats to play with. Griffin got to put one in a cage and he was delighted when the cat began batting at her new toy.

We hung out watching the cats for awhile and noticed that most of their "toys" were simply strips of fleece braided together and knotted at each end. When I told Griffin they would be easy to make from stuff we had at home, he was eager to start.

As soon as we got home, he asked his dad to get out my bin of fleece and wool scraps. With a pair of scissors, he started cutting strips and sorting them by size. Then he helped me tie the ends together, and held them while I braided. We made a total of 15 cat toys over the weekend.

Last week, he was excited to deliver the cat toys himself, in memory of his first baby sister Rowan. When we walked in to the Humane Society, there was a large cat sitting in the middle of the lobby. Griffin cautiously approached the cat, took one the toys from the cardboard box he was carrying, and tossed it in front of the cat. He was an older cat and not very playful, but he did show a little interest, sniffing at the new toy.

I am very excited to find a way to include Griffin in the Remembering Rowan Project. As he gets older, I look forward to finding more service projects he can really feel a part of, teaching him to care for people and animals in need, in his community.

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