Wednesday, September 8, 2010

30 Completed Projects in 30 Days?

In my quest to concor the UFOs (UnFinished Objects) which have overtaken my craftroom, and open my Etsy Store in the next month, I am trying to finish one crochet project every day in the month of September. So far so good. But if I post the list, I am making more of a comitment to following through.

Some are new projects (like my new obsession with cocoons), some UFOs in various stages of completion. Most of the new projects are using yarn already in my stash, also helping clear the clutter. I will keep adding to this note as the month progresses, let's see if I can reach 30. Wish me luck!

Crochet Projects Completed in September:
1. Teal Granny Square Head Scarf
2. Harvest Cocoon (Inner Hooker Pattern)
3. Blue Chenille Large Baby Cocoon (IH Pattern)
4. Waterfall Fringed Blanket (IH Pattern)
5. Angel White Mohair Cocoon
6. Blue Boucle Cocoon
7. Brown Alpaca Newborn Nest
8. Natural Wool Newborn Nest
9. Gold Felted Doll Crown (may add needle felting)
10. Small Felted Doll Crown (may add needle felting)
11. Scrap Cat Blanket

In My Work Basket:
1. Blue Boucle Hat (UFO)
2. Chemo Cap for 6 year old girl (UFO)
3. Child's Felted Crown (in the washer getting felted)
4. Natural Multicolored Cotton Cocoon
5. Bulky Green Cotton Large Baby Cocoon (IH Pattern plus leaves)

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  1. I am inspired!! But not having near enough time or energy as you seem to create around you, I'm giving myself 3 months to finish all my projects (it helps that my projects seem to be HUGE, like finishing quilts and blankets and a novel). Whee! It'll be a fun Fall!