Friday, September 3, 2010

G’s Terrarium & Fairy Garden Update

Before we even started our Fairy Garden, G suggested we make a Terrarium like we had seen on another blog awhile back. A Terrarium is generally a self enclosed little world, but when our neighbor offered us a lovely 5 gallon water jug she had lying around, G had other ideas. His dad was not happy to cut off the top of a jug that would have been perfect for his camping trips, but he did it to create G’s vision. Dad also suggested using the collection of broken toy parts they recently collected around our property, left by the neighbor kid (we like to call him Sid, like from Toy Story). The basil plants I had been meaning to put in the ground all summer make perfect trees for the dinosaurs to roam under and protect the treasure box filled with beads “left by the fairies.”

We also made fairy windchimes (upper right), toadstool caps, and plates we painted and finished with polyurethane to last longer outside. Over the first couple nights, the “fairies” left us a few surprises like tiny silk flowers in the pots we left them, and little white “tables” which G carefully arranged the toadstools around. Our neighbor even got into the act, and hung some strands of beads on the tree. G came in that afternoon saying, “I love checking to see what the fairies bring us for our garden!“

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